I typically take the same route on the way to and from work. I noticed last week that some poor raccoon had been run over and lay dead, in the middle of the road.  Over the course of this past week the poor creature got trampled until it lay exactly in the middle of the road, right where the faded double line used to be. 

I‘m not particularly fond of raccoons, in fact quite the opposite, I kind of loath them. One time, before I knew any better, I tried to scare a raccoon off of my garbage cans. He was preparing to raid, pillage and plunder, looking for a snack and spreading my garbage all over the yard for me to pick up later.  I went outside and approached him, clapping my hands and yelling loudly “Scat you ring tailed devil”. Instead he stood up and hissed / snarled at me and then started to aggressively charge at me.  Never having been exposed to a seemingly possessed raccoon before I quickly retreated to my home.  I remember wishing he would choke on a chicken bone.  But he didn’t, and I did have to clean up his mess the next day.

All that aside, no creature, not even a possessed raccoon, should be left to be pummeled until they actually form a part of the road way.  Besides, its unhealthy, didn’t the black plague start this way? So this raccoon has been flattened and left in the road all week.  Now here’s the clincher.  The town road crew came by and re-painted the faded double yellow line in the road.  You guessed it; they painted right over this road kill.  I stopped to take a picture of it to post on my blog, but it was too gross to publish. 

A wag of the finger at the road crew who was too lazy to scrape poor rocky off the road.